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Why is Bitcoin your method of payment and not paypal or credit card?
Paypal and any other merchant accounts that accept credit card payments will not allow this business model. With coin payments there are no restrictions and we will be able to keep this running long term with no worries about our accounts being frozen, or shut down. This way we can keep paying everyone on time with no interruptions.

Can I pay with any other coins?
Yes, we accept just about all altcoins for payment, however we only payout in bitcoin.

How Do I Pay With Bitcoin or other altcoins?
If you are not familiar with bitcoin and how it all works don't worry, it's easy.

1) The first thing you will need is a bitcoin wallet to send bitcoin from. You can open a free account here at, they are the walmart of online wallets.  This is where you can buy bitcoin using your bank account or debit card. If you already have a wallet no worries, you can use any wallet to send from as long as you have enough coin in it.

2) Once you have funded your or any other wallet you can then proceed to checkout on our site. Important* You will need to have already funded your bitcoin wallet before you purchase because for security, once you purchase you have 2 1/2 hours to send the bitcoin to our address.

3) When you checkout on our site you will be given our wallet address to send the bitcoin to. The address will look similar to this:
333hfnBJSjhds7MMscub9kknk66429  (Note* That is not our actual address, just a demonstration to show what they look like)

4) Once you send your bitcoin payment to our address the checkout procedure is finished and you will be redirected to our thank you page.

That's it.. Pretty simple.

How Are You Able To Offer These Deals?
We are partners with a large network of various types of websites including: marketing, sports betting picks, seo, ad disblay blogs, music related, adult dating, that's just a few. We use the upfront money generated from the revenue share to help develop new sites for the network. In the end it works out great for everyone. It gives us the immediate upfront funds to pay programmers, and it gives you a nice annual profit.

Is This A Illegal Ponzi Scheme?
Not at all. In a ponzi scheme you will likely never see your initial investment back. With us worse case you will get your money back plus a lot! In the past Paypal and credit card merchants would shut this type of operation down for term violations, but now since we are using only bitcoin there is no worry of any of that mess. We will send your monthly bitcoin straight to your coin address each and every month!

More To Come....

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